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Qualified Investors only

This website is only directed at qualified investors as defined in article 10 paragraphs 3 and 4 of the Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes 23 June 2006 (“CISA”) and its implementing ordinances (“Qualified Investor”), as amended from time to time. Should you not be a Qualified Investor, a retail or individual investor then you must immediately discontinue from using this website.

This website is for educational purposes only and under no circumstances constitutes the provision of advice.

The information on the following pages relate to foreign collective investment schemes managed by Cross Ocean Partners Management LLC (the "Cross Ocean Funds"). Some of the Cross Ocean Funds referred to in this website have not been approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority ("FINMA") and investors, therefore, do not benefit from protection under CISA or supervision by FINMA. Cross Ocean Funds that have not been approved by FINMA may only be distributed in or from Switzerland to Qualified Investors. FINMA publishes on its website (www.finma.ch) lists of Swiss and foreign funds authorised for public distribution in and from Switzerland.

The representative and the paying agent of the Cross Ocean Funds in Switzerland is BNP Paribas Securities Services, Paris, succursale de Zurich, Selnaustrasse 16, 8002 Zürich. The prospectus, the key investor information document (KIID), the articles of incorporation, the fund regulations as well as the annual and semi-annual reports, as applicable, of the Cross Ocean Funds are available free of charge from the representative in Switzerland.

The following Cross Ocean Funds have been approved by FINMA for distribution in or from Switzerland to non-qualified investors in accordance with Article 119 et seq. CISA:

  • Cross Ocean Funds - Cross Ocean Financial Capital Bond Fund
  • Cross Ocean Funds - Cross Ocean Emerging Market Absolute Return Bond Fund
  • Cross Ocean Funds - Cross Ocean Emerging Market Aggregate Bond Fund
  • Cross Ocean Funds - Cross Ocean Emerging Market Corporate Bond Fund

The following funds are available solely to Qualified Investors

  • Cross Ocean Structured Funds
  • Cross Ocean Feeder Funds
  • Cross Ocean Event Driven Credit Fund
  • Cross Ocean Credit Alpha Long Short Fund
  • Direct Lending Fund II SLP

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Risk Warning

There are significant risks associated with investment in the products and services provided by Cross Ocean. Fluctuations in exchange rates may have a positive or an adverse effect on the value of foreign-currency denominated financial instruments. Certain investments, in particular alternative funds, distressed debt and emerging markets, involve an above-average degree of risk and should be seen as long-term in nature. Derivative instruments involve a high degree of risk. Different types of funds or investments present different degrees of risk.

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