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Information provided is estimated as of December 31, 2023.

Note: Credit funds refers to the special situations and senior credit strategies (excluding CLO)

Numbers are subject to rounding. Aggregate committed capital includes aggregate capital commitments of funds and accounts that are past their respective investment periods and sub-advised funds, as well as capital commitments that are no longer available for investment. Includes funds and accounts advised separately by Cross Ocean Partners Management LP (“COPM”) and Cross Ocean Adviser LLP (“COA”), as its affiliate. COPM and COA have different regulatory registrations and their advised funds and accounts have different investment committees. Assets under management (“AUM”) defined as Gross Asset Value by Cross Ocean which equates to “NAV before carried interest” for funds in their harvest periods and “NAV before carried interest plus undrawn investor commitments” for funds within their investment periods. AUM for GSS funds refer to “NAV before current year incentive fees plus undrawn investor commitments”. AUM for collateralized loan obligation vehicles (“CLOs”) is the aggregate par value of collateral assets and principal cash of all Cross Ocean managed CLO vehicles. Also includes assets of funds or accounts sub-advised by COPM and COA. Capital deployed and number of credit investments represents deployment initiated by the US and European Credit team across the applicable funds and accounts within the US, European and Global Credit strategies, which include funds and accounts advised independently by Cross Ocean Partners Management LP (“COPM”) and Cross Ocean Adviser LLP (“COA”) from 1 June 2013 to the reporting date, which includes the ESS I funds which were formed at Capula Investment Management (“Capula”). Includes overlapping credit investments within the Aviation Fund. Cross Ocean Partners was established in July 2015. Concurrently, Cross Ocean acquired the European Special Situations (“ESS”) business from Capula in July 2015 and formed COA. Note that for certain of their advised funds, COPM and COA may serve as non-discretionary or discretionary sub-advisers.

our strategies

Three strategies, one approach.

We have three strategies which operate out of our offices in the US, UK and Ireland. Our flagship strategy is Special Situations investing which is a credit opportunities strategy focused on complex corporate credit situations acquired via the secondary market.

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who we are

One team with global expertise

Our team brings decades of experience from a broad spectrum of credit investing to one global platform. Multi-channel sourcing is enhanced by our extensive networks across the US and Europe.

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“We continue to evolve as a firm globally, strengthening our underwriting ability as well as our relationships with banks, corporates, sponsors.”

Graham Goldsmith

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Partner

“We believe that we have a truly global investment team which works seamlessly together day-in day-out with internal personal relationships which extend back for many years.”

Steve Zander

Head of Europe, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Partner

“We pride ourselves on the depth of our fundamental research and our ability to see value despite complexity and pricing opaqueness across differing global jurisdictions.”

Steven Heanly

Head of European Research, Partner

“We have a consensual decision-making process which leverages the experience of our senior investment team and focuses on preservation of investor capital throughout the economic cycle.”

Nick Renwick

Head of US Research, Partner

“We established the firm and set ourselves the objective of building a best-in-class operational platform to meet the requirements of an institutional investor. To date, we have launched over 25 funds, both single investor and commingled, as well as, hybrid, closed and open ended.”

Andrew Aitken

Global COO & CFO, Partner

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